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Madison Graham

Lauren Altheah Photography


Madison Eve Graham was born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. She began dancing at the age of seven with a focus in ballet and jazz. She excels in a multitude of other styles including tap, modern, & commercial with training in aerial apparatuses such as pole, silks, and lyra. 


Madison studied at the University of the Arts (UArts) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where she received a BFA in Dance Performance with a minor in Musical Theatre on December 13th, 2019. While studying at UArts, Madison worked with many notable choreographers including Douglas Becker, Jimena Paz, and Wayne St. David and was often featured as a soloist as well as in duets, trios, and ensembles. 


Aside from her dance training, Madison has worked with vocal instructors, Jennifer Lobo and Reginald Pindell. She has performed in multiple regional productions and theme parks. She most recently was seen at Hersheypark & Idlewild with RWS Global as well as Rock of Ages with Prather Productions. 


Madison is available to teach master classes to all ages. 

Artist Statement

I am a dancer, I am a performer. I am also thunder and my work is my lightning. It is sharp, electric, and shocking. I am fascinated by temporariness and fleeting moments. I draw inspiration from my heart, my brain, my feelings. 


I was born with SVT, Supraventricular Tachycardia. This means my heart experiences faulty electrical connections. Cardioversion is needed to fix this— shocks sent to the heart. In other words, to save my life I need to fight electricity with electricity. It wasn’t until recently that this concept of surging energy became the fuel for my performance.


I also nurture a space for feelings to be recreated. People believe lightning can never strike the same spot twice. Yet, it can, and is inescapable. Feelings work in that same function. Feelings live in our unconscious mind waiting for the chance to resurface. I aim for my work to produce a safe haven. A safe haven from yourself— a safe haven from the storm.

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